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Our Sangría 

Crafted in Spain


Our Sangría

Our Sangría is crafted in Spain using an old family recipe. It is a light bodied and refreshing blend of true Spanish ingredients.  

Our wines are made in Castilla la Mancha and blended with fruits form the Valencia regions and fresh spices. We only use the best ingredients for our Sangría.

Our CartoCans

We fill three flavours in the sustainable and unique CartoCan. This ´paper can´ is aseptically filled and allows the true flavours of authentic Spanish Sangría to show. 

The CartoCan is, compared with others, the packaging with lowest CO2 emissions. Definitely the greenest of all. 

More info also on our specific page:  

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Pulpoloco Red & White Sangria bottles on terrace.jpg

Our Bottles

Classic 750 ml bottle with Red and White Sangria. 

Our Sangrías were awarded for the quality on various wine competitions. 

Our Flavours

Smooth Red

An authentic light-bodied blend of lemon, orange, cinnamon and elegant Tempranillo wine. 

Crisp White

A refreshing summer blend of Spanish white wine, lemon and ginger

Soft Rosé

An exciting blend of Spanish rosé, ginger, strawberry and lemon

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