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Madera lavada blanca

About us

Spanish Story was created in 2014 by me,  Paul Daman

After my  marketing studies in the Netherlands I moved to the marvelous city of Madrid, Spain in 1998. I created several businesses, always food related and import and export, mainly in Europe.

In the meantime Spanish wine got my attention and I became very enthusiastic and interested, as a consumer at first, but later also ideas came up to use market these wines in a different way.

​So, after setting up a new company,  we developed a more modern marketing approach towards wine, following a ´new world´ branding on outstanding Spanish wines. Our first brand Spanish Story has evolved in the latest years into a more sustainable brand with the introduction of our first organic wines. And talking about sustainability….we were the first company in the world in filling an earth-friendly CartoCan® with our Sangría. And now developing our wines and sangría for filling in Carton bottles.

​Our wines and sangrias are sold on 4 continents and we are excited to see our products in so many different countries. As we are full with new ideas for sure you will see soon other wines, brands on sale whereever on the globe. 


Cheers, Paul

Paul Daman
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