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    • junio 11, 2015

      Enjoy Spanish Story Cava Brut in Penedès this summer!


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      To enjoy a few days of vacation, we recommend you to learn a bit more about our appellations! And what could be better than visit them?

      This week we go to the Penedès Territory! This wine appellation is situated between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, halfway between Barcelona and Tarragona. It is a vast and open land of natural environment that clearly has an important influence in its wines.


      Vineyard Landscape in the Penedès Area.


      The Penedès have underground cellars and large vineyards. It offers oceans of ​​vineyards dedicated to cava as well as really ancient traditions. This region is more than lands of vineyards, women and men from the Penedès are totally involved in the winemaking culture and they understand their work as an art.


      Sant Joan Salerm, Subirats, Romànic Penedès.

      Their special wine Cava represents modernity, the exaltation of the art of winemaking and a compendium of what winemakers have learned over the course of the centuries. Live a different experience, take a walk around their villages and towns and discover their wine festivals: The Cava Week, The Penedès Wine and Cava International Film Festival, The Wine Harvest Festivals, and more.

      Let´s make tourism in the region of our Spanish Story Cava Brut!

      foto cava

      Spanish Story Cava Brut.


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