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    • julio 2, 2014

      Stone Paper Spanish Story Labels


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      We are concerned about the environmental situation nowadays, so we decided to use mineral paper in our wine labels to be more environmental friendly.

      Our Spanish Story labels are made with Stone Paper, which is actually also known as mineral paper, is a material resistant achieved through a combination of

      mineral powder, 80% manufactured from Calcium Carbonate bonded with high density polyethylene (HDPE) in a 20%.

      This Stone paper requires no wood or water for production. Additionally, its white color is achieved without using chloro or acids of any kind.  Stone paper is used for posters, books, magazines, bags, packaging, wallpapers, adhesives, tags and many others.

      Spanish Story Waterproof Stone paper Label

      Its main advantages are:

      1. Highly environmentally friendly: no accurate or wood, no water, no chloro while consuming  50% less energy to manufacture than traditional paper.

      2. Highly resistant to water, fats/grease, oil, use and breaks.

      3. Stone paper folds perfectly.

      4. Very soft/smooth allowing for an exceptional printing.

      5. 100% recyclable

      Stone paper tree free


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