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    • febrero 16, 2015



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      Exciting news for Spanish Story Wines: 5 awards in the CWSA Best Value Competition. This is the largest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in Hong Kong and China.

      tabla premios spanish story cwsa 2015


      CWSA Best Value 2015 has just published its awards, recognizing the quality of Spanish Story Wines with the next medals:

      – Spanish Story Garnacha, Campo de Borja. Vintage 2013: Double Gold.

      – Spanish Story Tempranillo. Vintage 2012: Gold.

      – Spanish Story Albariño: Vintage 2013: Bronze.

      – Spanish Story Verdejo: Vintage 2014: Bronze.

      – Spanish Story Verdejo: Vintage 2013: Bronze.


      Spanish Story Garnacha Campo de Borja is a new wine in Spanish Story. It has been awarded with a Double Gold Medal; a great way to be released and presented as a wine with an excellent value for money.


      BOTELLAS Awards CWSA 2015



      In recent years, the Chinese wine market has become the largest in the world, and this growth is expected to continue. Sales are forecast to grow by as much as 60% by 2017 due largely to a series of trade agreements that have been secured between China and various wine-producing countries, which will result in the drop of a 14% import tariff. This is great news for winemakers who are looking to break into or expand their presence in the Chinese market. 2015 is poised to be an outstanding year for Chinese wine sales.

      The China Wine & Spirits Awards brings winemakers from all over the world together to compete in a blind tasting held by a panel of Judges comprised of the most important Distributors, Importers, Hoteliers, Sommeliers, and Retailers from throughout China and Hong Kong. The opinions of these tastemakers reflect which wines will succeed in the regional market. The world’s most recognizable winemakers participated with 5,365 prestigious brands.

       montaje fotos concurso

      It is an honor to receive these awards from this popular competition, helping to expand our presence in China. According to CWSA Judge and Make in Italy Ltd. Marketing Director Emilio Moiragha, “CWSA winning wines are appropriate for this market as they have already passed the ultimate professional selection.” And Ho Chi Wan, CWSA Judge and Sales and Marketing Director for Chateau Burgundy Limited reported, “The CWSA results reflect the taste of the buyers in the Greater China. It’s absolutely essential for the buyers to pick their wines that will be the big hitters.”


      For more images, follow this link: http://www.cwsa.org/cwsa-bv-2015-photos/

      View full results here: http://www.cwsa.org/cwsa-best-value-2015-results/

      For further information, please contact: info@globalwinefood.com


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