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    • agosto 25, 2016

      Spanish Story Wines: Victorious in CWSA 2016, China


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      CWSA 2016 has just published its awards, recognizing the quality of Spanish Story Wines with the next medals:

      Spanish Story Tempranillo. Vintage 2014: Gold Medal.

      Spanish Story Garnacha, Rioja: Vintage 2015: Gold Medal.

      Spanish Story Garnacha, Campo de Borja. Vintage 2015: Bronze Medal.

      This is the biggest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in China.

      For several years the Chinese wine market has stood as the largest in the world, and thanks to a booming middle class along with innovations and promotions from large-scale online sellers such as Alibaba, the market has only continued to explode. In fact, the country is poised to surpass nations like the US and UK as the #1 importer of wines from countries such as Australia, Chile, and South Africa. Numbers from the first half of 2016 show the market has gchina-wine-and-spirits-awards-201615rown by 31% in volume and 42% in value compared to the same period one year earlier.

      The Judges at CWSA are drawn from the most prominent positions from throughout China and Hong Kong. These Judges are responsible for buying 90 million bottles of wine and spirits per year making them the powerhouse of the China wine market.

      CWSA 2016 Judges reflected that the overall quality of samples was the highest they have ever tasted, demonstrating how global producers are sending their very best products for the China market now. CWSA 2016 was the biggest on record due to the increased importance of CWSA medals for critical and commercial success.

      For further images see link here: http://www.cwsa.org/medal-and-press-images/

      Full results on http://www.cwsa.org/cwsa-2016-results/


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