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    • mayo 19, 2016

      SPANISH STORY WINES: Great results in the Wine Enthusiast Importer Connection review!


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      Wine Enthusiast Importer Connection has just published their last wine tasting results and Spanish Story Wines have been highly appreciated with the next points:

      – Spanish Story Cava Brut. Sparkling Wine. Non Vintage: 87/100 points.

      – Spanish Story Albariño. White Wine. Vintage 2015: 87/100 points.

      – Spanish Story Tempranillo. Red Wine. Vintage 2014: 85/100 points.

      The experts have published an overall assessment of each of our awarded wines.

      SPANISH STORY CAVA BRUT, with 87 points, is considered a sparkling wine that has a beautiful persistence of bubbles. These bubbles are small but intense, adding to the refreshment of the wine’s bustling acidity. It is good as an apéritif or a wine for the table thanks to its dryness. It is also described as a very versatile and considerably complex wine.

      SPANISH STORY ALBARIÑO, with 87 points, is analyzed as a wine that forward in fruit. Bright and gleaming in medium-deep yellow color. The medium-bodied palate boasts bracing acidity that’s nicely balanced by mouthcoating viscosity. Also, the experts consider that the feathery layers of flavors lead to a generous finish and suggest this might hold on well.

      SPANISH STORY TEMPRANILLO, with 85 points, is for the experts a savory wine on the palate. The cheerful acidity has a mouthwatering quality, and the tannins are nicely reined in. It’s quite pleasant at the table with hearty dishes.


      More about Wine Enthusiast Importer Connection:

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      Wine Enthusiast is the largest monthly magazine devoted exclusively to wine. It has become an indispensable guide to the latest trends, scores and analysis of wines from the entire world.

      Wine Enthusiast Importer Connection is a program designed to make the connection between importers and producers whose wines are not currently represented in the United States. Producers have the opportunity to submit their wines to be reviewed by expert tasters. Wines receiving a rating of 80 points or higher on the 100-point scale are listed with the producer’s contact information in the Wine Enthusiast’s catalog.

      The results are not only published in the Wine Enthusiast’s database but the Importer Connection facilitates the information to importers, distributors, wine shops and restaurants by sending monthly emails with the most recent ratings and reviews.

      Follow all the reviews here !



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