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    • junio 2, 2015

      Spanish Story recommends you to visit Rueda this summer!


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      To enjoy a few days of vacation, we recommend you to learn a bit more about our appellations! And what could be better than visit them?


      We start going to Rueda, the land where our Spanish Story Verdejo was born. Rueda is located in the heart of the Spanish region Castilla y León. The Castilian landscape is characterized by green fields, pine forests and vast landscapes of vineyards. The weather conditions and the peculiar soils become Rueda in a privileged area for growing grapes, especially the native grape Verdejo. This explains the unique personality of its wines with inimitable characteristics.

      castillo de la mota, Medina del Campo

      Castle of La Mota, Medina del Campo, Castilla y León

      The wine dates back to the XI Century. Rueda offers a Wine Route for all the wine lovers, extending across the left bank of the Duero River. Here you will find from its famous and well-known white wines and wineries, to traditional villages with historical monuments, festivals and landscapes.

      fiesta de la vendimia rueda

      Harvest Festival (Fiesta de la Vendimia), Rueda.

      Come on! Plan your trip and discover this special destination full of traditional and modern wineries. Let’s travel from antiquity to the present day. And, of course, enjoy a glass of Spanish Story Verdejo with the rich gastronomy of the region. You will live unforgettable moments!


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