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    • octubre 17, 2014

      Spanish Story – Guia Peñin 2014


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      Spanish Story on Guia Peñin 2014!

      We are delightful to share with the results of our Spanish Story wines in the Guia Peñin 2014, published this week.

      All our wines have received great scores with more than 85 points for all of them.

      Results detailed here below:

      – Spanish Story Tempranillo: 87 points
      – Spanish Story Albariño: 87 points.
      – Spanish Story Garnacha: 86 points
      – Spanish Story Verdejo: 86 points

      Also we have been awarded in the category “Wines with the best price/quality best relationship”:

      ★★★★★ 5 stars
      Spanish Story Garnacha
      Spanish Story Verdejo

      ★★★★ 4 stars
      Spanish Story Tempranillo
      Spanish Story Albariño

      Thanks to Peñin Team and to everyone for the support. We will work hard to break these scores next year!


      Resultados 2014 Spanish Story


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