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    • marzo 25, 2015

      Spanish Story: 2 GOLDS and a SILVER!


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      Spanish Story follows reaping the rewards. This week, we have received 3 more international AWARDS: two Golds and one Silver!

      GOLD Spanish Story Albariño 2014 in Bacchus 2015, Spain.
      GOLD Spanish Story Cava Brut in Winemaker Challenge 2015, San Diego, USA.
      SILVER Spanish Story Verdejo 2014 in Winemaker Challenge 2015, San Diego, USA.

      The International Wine Competition, Bacchus 2015, has celebrated its thirteenth edition in Madrid from 19 to 23 March, and has just revealed that Spanish Story Albariño 2014 has achieved a wonderful GOLD!! Great news considering there were wineries from all the world geography!

      In 4 days, more than 1.500 participants have tried to compete for an award. The jury, made up of journalists, sommeliers, winemakers, Masters of Wine and Masters Sommeliers have determined the best wines in this edition. A selection of luxury to evaluate and recognize the quality of the wines in Bacchus.

      On the other side, Winemaker Challenge International Wine Competition has celebrated its sixth annual edition that took place March 21 and 22 with another impressive lineup of renowned winemakers coming together at this unique event to evaluate and rate newly released wines. This competition is one of only two wine competitions in the United States that utilizes winemakers exclusively to judge each entry.

      This jury of winemakers has decided to award Spanish Story Verdejo 2014 with a SILVER and our Cava Brut with a GOLD!


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