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    • febrero 5, 2015

      Spain: leader in wine production


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      Spain is one of the largest producers of wine worldwide, according to the latest study by the Spanish Observatory of the Wine Market. It is first in the ranking by vineyards planted surface. In addition, it is also the first in the production of must and wine in the 2013/2014 campaign, ahead of Italy and France. The sharp increase in this production has represented the reach of a new record with 52.4 million hectoliters.

      On the other hand, Spain is the world’s leading supplier of wine by volume, although it is the third in value, according to data for the year dated September 2014.


      Spanish Story_wineyards

      The study concludes that, also, Spain remains a leader by the strong growth in bulk, sparkling wines and musts.

      The wine industry is increasingly important in Spain, becoming even a representative image of our country abroad. Without a doubt, wine is very attached to our rich cuisine and both accompany us on all the social events and unique and important moments.


      Spanish Story_social event



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