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    • diciembre 20, 2016

      Sangria – great market potentials for PULPOLOCO


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      Sangria – a new development in our PULPOLOCO wine asortment


      With increasing options and continued growth in the category, sangria is becoming a year-round favourite in many parts in the world.

      Thanks to consumers’ taste for sweet wines, sangria has won increasing acceptance both on- and off-premise, becoming a staple on restaurant menus year-round. The versatile wine-based drink can fill a role similar to punches on cocktail menus. In the off-premise, sangria is enjoying torrid growth through new products and line extensions of established brands. No matter the time of year, sangria is a social drink, thanks to its versatility and value.

      Its history purportedly dates back to 200 B.C. when the Romans conquered Spain. A positive outcome of their invasion was the vast planting of vineyards and the expansion of wine production. Spanish locals would later begin to add fruit to dilute the wine’s alcohol and bitterness.

      The basis of its name comes from the sangre – Spanish for blood in reference to its red color; white wine sangria is referred to as sangria blanca; in some regions of Spain, its given moniker is zurra.

      Not limited to a set list of ingredients, wine – red or white – typically serves as the main ingredient and base to which fruit, sweetener and even spirits are added. Oranges, citrus fruit and apples are common but personal preference or geographical location may play a part in the variations. Peach and nectarine are popular in some parts of Spain; while cinnamon and brandy are classic ingredients in Portugal.

      Sangria is deliciously versatile with food, beyond Spanish and Portuguese fare. It pairs well with a variety of appetizers and helps tame the heat of spicy food. A red-wine based Sangria can stand up to meat and pasta and a white Sangria nicely complements cheese and dessert.

      Good news from our side, 2017 will be the launch of PULPOLOCO SANGRIA, see here the first images

      Primer imagen 4 botellas


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