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    • junio 17, 2015

      Rias Baixas, Galicia: your destination for this summer!


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      To enjoy a few days of vacation, we recommend you to learn a bit more about our appellations! And what could be better than visit them?



      This week we approach to the Galician coast, in the Northwest of Spain. Rías Baixas is the most important Denomination of Origin (DO) in the Galicia region.

      Rίas Baixas vineyards are all located within the province of Pontevedra. It is lowland, generally with less than 300 m altitude. Its location, near the sea and its lower stretches of river courses, determine the weather characteristics of the region. The Atlantic influence is manifested in mild temperatures and high precipitations.


      Ria de Muros, Galicia.


      The official denomination was created specifically for the Albariño grape variety! That is the reason you have to visit the place where Spanish Story Albariño was born as well as discover the incredible green and coast landscapes that Galicia offers!

      Albariño is one of the finest white grape varieties. It accounts for 90% of all plantings in the Rias Baixas. There is no dispute in terms of the quality and unique flavor profile of Albariño wines.

      But Galicia is not only admired for its wine. If you want to live unique experiences, you can do all these things in this beautiful region: a fishing day on board a real fishing boat, strolling among vineyards, letting yourself be carried away by the charm of camellias, following the route of the palaces and stately gardens and, discovering the magic of The Way of St. James, theCamino de Santiago.

      Rias baixas ruta do vino

      Ruta Do Vino, Rias Baixas, Galicia.


      Come to Galicia this summer and enjoy wonderful moments. And you, are you already planning your trip??




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