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    • marzo 1, 2017

      Pulpoloco Sangría in CARTOCAN


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      Introducing this summer: our PULPOLOCO SANGRÍA CARTOCAN

      Exciting news from Spanish Story. We are developing a complete new, unique product. The traditional Sangría in a cool, trendy individual packaging, the Cartocan. A fantastic opportunity for all our customers to have a new product, unique in the market.

      This new development we are making together with our Austrian friends from Ennstal Milch. They are the only factory in Europe that can produce in this fantastic format. The Sangría is a new filling for them and we are busy getting it done before summer 2017.















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      What is a Cartocan exactly?

      With its CartoCan concept Ennstal Milch and Spanish Story are offering a form of packaging unique in the world. The environmental friendly packaging of cardboard has a slender, trendy form.

      – Full aseptic filling

      – Environmental friendly cardboard can

      – Made of 60% renewable raw materials

      – Filling volume: 135ml – 150ml and 230ml – 250ml

      Important…the product carbon footprint:

      Product Carbon Footprint

      A comparison of the Product Carbon Footprint of packaging for non carbonated drinks made of CartoCan, aluminium and PET demonstrates significant benefits for CartoCan.
      The Carbon Footprint provides information on the total CO2emissions generated by a product. denkstatt analysed the Carbon Footprint involved in the production and waste management of three different types of packaging.

      • By contrast with PET CartoCan main advantage is its weight, which is not even half as much as that of PET.
      • The main benefits of CartoCan as compared with aluminium is in the area of raw materials. The use of 50% renewable raw materials in CartoCan generate significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than in the energy intensive production of primary aluminium.


      Contact us soon for info about the Pulpoloco Sangría cartocan. On the Prowein show in March in Dusseldorf we will have our first samples.


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