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    • febrero 1, 2016

      PULPOLOCO: Gold Medal in CWSA Best Value 2016


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      PULPOLOCO is awarded with two Gold Medals in the CWSA Best Value 2016, celebrated in China.

      The results of CWSA Best Value 2016 have been released, revealing exciting news for PulpoLoco Wines, recognized with a GOLD medal at the largest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in China:

      PulpoLoco Red 2013: Gold Medal Best value 2016

      PulpoLoco White 2014: Gold Medal Best value 2016

      It is not a secret that China has experienced a massive explosion of wine sales in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue as wine imports predicted to more than double by 2018.

      PulpoLoco performed admirably alongside some of the largest and best names in the industry, such as Wolf Blass, Jacob’s Creek, and Taylors from Australia; La Guyennoise and Vranken Pommery Monopole from France; Marco Maci and Franese Vini from Italy; Giesen Wines and Mission Estate from New Zealand; and Beringer from the United States; as well as hundreds of producers from 58 countries.

      This recognition is an honor because it has been singled out by some of the most important experts from throughout the Chinese wine market.

      CWSA Judges are known for their expertise and in-depth understanding as to which wines and spirits will enjoy the greatest success in the region. They are drawn from the most renowned and influential Importers, Distributors, Sommeliers, and Hoteliers from throughout China and Hong Kong, and the results of their blind taste tests will guide consumers buying decisions in 2016 in China and Hong Kong.

      ‘CWSA Judges are the most influential wine buyers in China and give opinions that represent the market. CWSA is leading the growth of the industry by helping consumers to find quality wines,’ said Judge Yu- Kong Chow.

      See all the images of the competition!

      CWSA Diplomas PulpoLoco


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