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    • febrero 28, 2017

      Good start for Spanish Story and Pulpoloco in 2017 wine competitions


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      Great medals for new vintages in two wine competitions!

      Spanish Story started of the year good with several medals in two Spanish Wine Competitions.

      At the unique MONOVINO competition we got a GOLD medal for our Verdejo 2016!

      Again we competed in Catavinum and again all silver for all the wines we sent in:

      Pulpoloco RED and ROSE: Silver

      Spanish Story Tempranillo / Garnacha / Verdejo: Silver


      The Monovino competition describes itself like follows:

      Mono Vino is the only wine contest in Spain focused exclusively on single­­- variety wines.

      Why a contest just for single-variety wines? Because all grapes are of good quality, but each one are easily identifiable in this kind of wines. And the thing is that a single-variety wine represents the essence of the wine.

      This contest seeks to show the richness and diversity of varieties of grapes and give the opportunity to consumers to recognise it. To achieve this target every year Mono Vino tries to unify each and every varieties of grapes from all around the world. Besides, it awards specific prizes by geographical areas, promoting every Designation of Origin.

      We do like this approach, our Spanish Story wines are all ´MONO VINO´ with the focuss on the grape variety. For sure next year we will send in more wines to this fairly new competition.




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