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    • abril 16, 2015

      Boom of Spanish Wines from La Rioja in the U.K.


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      The British journal The Telegraph informs that the popularity of tapas bars has increased the demand for the Spanish wine Rioja in the United Kingdom. The middle-class population that asks for a glass of a Spanish Wine with their “tapas” gets on growing.

      It is calculated that British will buy more Spanish wine than French within three years. Consequently, Rioja will be one of the favourites among Spanish wines, with an important share of the British market, and bigger than the French rivals. One in ten of all non-sparkling wines sold in British supermarkets is now Spanish, according to Nielsen.

      In 2014, The United Kingdom imported 10 percent more Rioja than in 2013, and now, one in 20 of all bottles sold in Britain is from this Spanish region, La Rioja. This fact could be explained by the growing popularity of a more relaxed dining culture, having lunch and dinner in tapas bars, with friends and colleagues. And, later, they are more likely to drink it at home too.

      The volume of Spanish wine consumed in the U.K. has risen by more than a quarter in the last five years. The U.K. is now the third country of all Rioja exports. In total, British have imported more than 36.000.000 litres of Rioja, nearly twice than Germany, the next country with the highest demand.

      DO la rioja S.S.


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