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    • enero 22, 2015

      3 Silvers and a Gold for Spanish Story Wines in the San Diego Competition


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      Spanish Story wines have been awarded with 3 Silvers and a Gold in the SDIWC!

      We are very proud to share with you the results of the San Diego International Wine Competition 2015, published this week.

      Results detailed here below:

      –   Spanish Story Garnacha, DO Rioja Alta, Spain: Silver 2012 (89 Points)

      –   Spanish Story Tempranillo, DOC Rioja Alta, Spain: Silver 2012 (89 Points)

      –   Spanish Story Albariño, D.O. Rias Baixas, Spain: Silver 2013 (87 Points)

      –   Spanish Story Verdejo, D.O. Rueda, Spain: Gold 2014 (93 Points)


      Spanish Story awards Silver San Diego

      The numerical rating of each award is the next one:

      –   Silver honors: From 87 – 89 points. The wine demonstrates above average character for the wine type and place of origin.

      –   Gold honors: From 90 – 93 points. The wine rises above a straightforward recommendation.

      The scores are assigned at the discretion of the judges. They taste all wines blind. The judges just can ask for information about the place of origin or grape varieties included in a blend. Producer, price and vintage are not disclosed until the end of the wine competition.

      Do you wish to know more about this competition?

      It is managed by the syndicated wine columnist Robert Whitley, with more than 20 years of experience as a wine journalist. He was who decided to open the competition from a National to an International one in 2003. Also, it is owned by the non-profit organization called Sisters of Social Service Auxiliary of San Diego.

      The San Diego International Competition benefits the charities of this order of Catholic nuns that are located in the center of town. We are glad to contribute with this good cause, participating in this professional international wine competition.

      THANK YOU to the organization of SDIWC for these awards and all of you for trusting us!

      For more info about the Spanish Story awards in the San Diego Competition, click here. If you want to know more about our other awards, click here.


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