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    • agosto 27, 2015

      10 curiosities about….TEMPRANILLO grape


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      10 curiosities you have to know about the TEMPRANILLO grape:


      1. Also known as “Cencibel”, “ull of llebre”, “tinto de Madrid”, “tinta del país”, “tinto de la Ribera”, “tinta de Toro” and “kind grape of Spain“.


      2. It is a Spanish grape, original from La Rioja, and one of the best red varieties of our country.


      3. It produces very different wines according to the soil and climate where it is grown. It is used for the production of young red wines as well as aged wines, which are ruby ​​red, full-bodied and velvety.


      4. His name is the diminutive of “early” and is due to its early maturing, several weeks earlier than most varieties of red grapes.


      5. The clusters are long and narrow. Its spherical berries are blue-black with thick skin and juicy pulp.


      6. In the past, it was suspected that this grape was related to the grape “pinot noir”, but recent genetic studies tend to dismiss that possibility.


      7. It is a peculiar and delicate grape as it is sensitive to diseases and needs very specific conditions to grow in optimal weather conditions. But at the same time, it is a grape with character.


      8. In general, its wines are very fruity, with a berries bouquet (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry), and aromas of plum, snuff, vanilla, leather, grass and licorice.


      9. It produces very balanced wines in alcohol content, color and acidity.


      10. Currently, it is also cultivated in other countries such as Portugal, the United States, Australia or Argentina.


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