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    • septiembre 17, 2015

      10 curiosities about …PARELLADA grape:


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      10 curiosities you have to know about the PARELLADA grape:


      1. It is the finest of traditional white varieties of the Penedès, Catalonia, and one of the main varieties of grapes for the Spanish sparkling wine “Cava” (with Macabeo and Xarel·lo varieties).

      2. This grape grows in the highlands of Catalonia, Spain. The maximum length is in the area of ​​Penedès although it is also found in Castilla La Mancha and Extremadura.

      3. It represents the 98% of the vines in this region. Cultivation height and the cool microclimates of the mountain allow a better synthesis of aromas.

      4. His maturation is much later than Xarel·lo and Macabeo, about a month later. It is also a finer grape, and this makes the development more difficult too.

      5. Its clusters are large, with large berries that can be even slightly pink tones.

      6. It is known by other names such as Montones, Montonera, Montonet, Montónega, Masià or Martorella.

      7. This grape variety is sensitive to cluster moths and powdery mildew.

      8. Its wines have little graduation and finesse.

      9. These wines are aromatic, fresh and with a light body. They are silky palate. Outstanding notes of sour fruit, citrus flavours like lemon and elegant floral aromas.

      10. When this grape is used for white wines instead of sparkling ones, they are usually for early consumption.


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