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    • septiembre 23, 2015

      10 curiosities about …MACABEO grape


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      10 curiosities you have to know about the MACABEO grape:

      1. It is found mainly in the central Penedès in Catalonia, Spain.

      2. Its berries are spherical, golden colour and its maturation is early.

      3. It is used for the production of the Spanish sparkling wine “Cava”, as well as the Xarello and Parellada grapes.

      4. Compared to Xarello, Macabeo differs because it has less potential for acidity and it is more productive, but it gives more fatty wines with less herbaceous and bitter bouquet. Also, the ripening is different. Xarello has its maturation after the Macabeo grape and Parellada has a late ripening.

      5. It is sensitive to drought. The production is bigger in the most fertile lands. It is also sensitive to mildew, the moth and powdery mildew.

      6. This variety gives a light and fresh but very complete and balanced wine.

      7. The alcohol content is medium-low, and the acidity goes from medium to high. This special acidity in white wines is reduced in the high alcohol content.

      8. Its wines have aromas of fruit such as apple, peach, pear or quince and notes of exotic fruit such as lychee. We also find many notes of fennel and anise herbs type.

      9. This grape gives wines of great character, breadth and elegance on the palate, with good aging potential.

      10. In Catalonia, it is known as Macabeo, but it is also known as Viura (in La Rioja, Navarra and Aragon) and as Alcañón.


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