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    • agosto 20, 2015

      10 curiosities about….GARNACHA grape.


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      10 curiosities you have to know about the GARNACHA grape:


      1. It is the most cultivated Mediterranean variety in the world and, recently, a fashionable grape.


      2. The clusters have a medium and compact size; berries are medium sized, oval and dark red, or purple.


      3. Although now it is recognized the quality of Garnacha; in the past, it was thought that only served to be blended with other grapes.


      4. In other countries, it is known as “grenache“, “roussillon rouge”, “Granaccia”, “grape di Spagne”, “cannonau”, etc.


      5. Its versatility makes it unique, universal, and highlights the peculiarities of the land, winemaking and wines.


      6. The dry and warm Mediterranean climate is conducive to garnacha environment. It adapts well to poor soils, withstands heat, and provides a good alcoholic grade and color. It is very productive and can be even planted 2.000 meters high.


      7. Its origin is in the Eastern Spain. The Crown of Aragon expanded this grape from the XII to the XVII century to France, Corsica, Sardinia, Southern Italy, Greece …


      8. It started being famous from the XIX Century, when the Garnacha grape demonstrated greater resistance than other varieties to diseases and it started being more planted and valued.


      9. You cannot just find red Garnacha wine but also white, rosé, sparkling and many types of sweets. Fresh, fruity and easy to drink wines!


      10. Spain is the country with more hectares of Garnacha. There is even a “Garnacha Route” in Spain, which offers the visitor a wine bus with different tours depending on the season!


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