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    • septiembre 30, 2015

      10 curiosities about…ALBARIÑO grape


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      10 curiosities you have to know about the ALBARIÑO grape:

      1. It is a native grape of the Rias Baixas, Galicia (cultivated in the Galician Atlantic coast) and dates from the Middle Ages (XII century).

      2. It is a grape early budding and late ripening. It has a straw-yellow, bright gold and green iridescence color.

      3. Cambados in Pontevedra, in the region of Galicia, Spain, celebrates the “Feast of Albariño” every year on the first Sunday of August. This is the second oldest wine festival in the country and a Festival of National Tourist Interest.

      4. The Albariño wine, with permission of the Cava, is the most famous white Spanish outside our borders.

      5. The low yield of grapes (they are very sensitive), the small size of crop and the high costs of tillage become the Albariño in a limited wine.

      6. The grape aroma reminds an apricot. Albariño wine is a white, large, dry, and very light wine.

      7. In the nose, it is intensely present with complexes which include aromatic fruit aromas (white fruit, citrus, apple or apricot…) floral (jasmine, white flowers…) and herbaceous aromas (fennel, fresh grass or dry straw).

      8. The taste is fresh and soft, compact on the palate with a great balance between alcohol content (between 11 and 13% vol.) and acidity (between 7 and 9 g / l). Its taste is pleasant and elegant, with a velvety and harmonious fresh feeling.

      9. Because of the delicacy of this grape, it was about to disappear until 1960 that it began to recover, and today it is one of the most cultivated grapes in Galicia, Spain.

      10. It is certainly a unique grape, full of personality and prestige; although it is a relatively recent prestige.


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