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  • Pulpoloco



    PULPOLOCO brings you great Wines and Sangría´s

    The ´crazy octopus´ is ready to conquer the world with it´s fun & easy image and great quality


    Our wines are crafted in the D.O. Campo de Borja. Some more info:


    Pulpo Loco White is a clean wine, fresh, transparent and sophisticated; with the very essence of the vineyards of Macabeo. In its distinct flavor, you will find delicate and subtle floral aromas.

    Serving temperature: 8°C.

    Alcohol content: 13,5% Vol.



    Pulpo Loco Red is an harmonious red wine, elegant and balanced. It expresses the clearness of its quality, grounded on grapevines over 30 years old.

    Fermenting at 28°C with temperature control. It is macerated over 2 weeks. After obtaining the desired objectives, it is necessary to bleed and pressing.

    Serving temperature: 17ºC.

    Alcohol content: 13,5% Vol.



    Pulpo Loco Rosé is a silky and aromatic wine, with a variety of fruity notes reminiscent of the grapes from which it comes. Elegant and individually styled wine that is made to satisfy lovers of exquisite and refined wines!

    Taste its freshness, youth and vivacity, characteristic of the variety.

    Serving temperature: 8°C.

    Alcohol content: 13,5% Vol.

        Caja Pulpo Loco 3D    

    And, of course, Pulpo Loco brings you a CRAZY PACKAGING!!

    Enjoy Pulpoloco, where ever your are, Cheers!


    And our refreshing Pulpoloco Sangría, the favourite summer party drink!



    Enjoy also in our individual and unique CartoCan, the best choice for the environment

    A CartoCan is a can made out of paper, your eco-friendly choice!



    More about Pulpoloco in the Cartocan, check www.pulpo-loco.com

  • About us

    © 2016 Scott Rudd www.scottruddevents.com @scottruddevents

    Spanish Story was created by me, Paul Daman in 2014.

    After my  marketing studies in the Netherlands I moved to the marvelous city of Madrid, Spain in 1998. I created several businesses, always food related and import and export, mainly in Europe.

    In the meantime Spanish wine got my attention and I became very enthusiastic and interested in Spanish wine. As a consumer, of course, but later also ideas came up to do something more with it.

    In my honest opinion Spanish wine is among the best in the world. But also marketed in a clearly wrong way, especially in the past. Spain is the most widely planted wine producing nation in the world.

    But prices are more or less the lowest in the world in general. What went wrong? A lack of export expertise and marketing know how?

    This is how I came up with the brand Spanish Story and a few years later with Pulpoloco.

    We are now a few years on our way and selling our wines in several countries in Europe and Asia and last but not least in the USA.  Full of new ideas for wine marketing we will see what the future will bring in this exciting wine world.  New wines, sangria´s and brands will follow soon! Cheers, Paul
  • Spanish Story

    Spanish Story Organic Wines & Cava

    Spanish Story Cava , traditional method

    Our Cava is crafted in the heart of Cataluña, the world famous Cava region. Made with Macabeo, Parrellada and Xarel-lo grapes this is a classic Cava with lovely fine bubbles. Our Cava spent at least 10 months in the bottle before recorking. Other variables variables that make our Cava so special are moderate rainfall, intense sunshine and soft winds, all features of the Penedes region. Such conditions help the grape to mature properly, creating its distinctive aroma and cutting dry taste. We can also offer sweeter Cava´s, just how our customer wants it.   pulpoloco

    Spanish Story organic wines

    Our new organic wines are Crafted in the East of Spain in D.O. Almansa. 100% organic grown grapes. A lovely Red Coupage and a Chardonnay. Our Red Coupage, crafted with Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon and Garnacha grapes received an asthoning 97 points at the BioWeinPreis awards in 2020, Germany. A sublime result for this new wine and best Spanish Red Wine in this show!   pulpoloco

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    Pulpoloco Sangría

    Spain at it´s best!

    Wine, Fruit, Spices

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    Pulpoloco Sangria

    Premium Sangría crafted in Spain

    Filled in the unique & eco-friendly CartoCan

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    Pulpoloco Wines

    Tempranillo, Viura & Garnacha

    Lively, fresh, delightful

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    Spanish Story Cava Brut


    Great balanced and with very fine bubbles

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    Spanish Story Organic Chardonnay


    100% organic grown
    1D.O. Almansa

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    Spanish Story Organic Red Blend

    D.O. Almansa

    100% organic grown
    Monastrell, Cabernet, Garnacha
    97 Points - Organic Wine ...

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